Coffee Island

5 Upper Saint Martin's Lane
London, WC2H 9EA

16 Feb 2017

1 x Beans @ 6.50 £ 6.50
Total £ 6.50

We bought three different kinds of coffee from Coffee Island. One of them was their speciality blend, and this is how they describe it:

Espresso Coffee Island is our special blend with thick cream, intense flavour (citrus, chocolate, nuts), high acidity and sweetness, silky body, long pleasant aftertaste (fruity, citrus and cocoa). The Arabica varieties we use for our espresso blend are 40% semi washed Brazil Alta Mogiana, 20% washed Nicaragua Di pilto, 20% washed Guatemala Santa Rosa and 20% washed Ethiopia, all of which are medium Dark Roasted.

The coffee was freshly bagged in front of us at the point of purchase, and we even got a free espresso whilst we were waiting for the hipster serving us to finish his coffee fandango. A nice touch, but not one that has influenced our home taste test!

This blend is sweet, with a syrupy texture and body, which offset the acidity nicely. Flavour wise, we felt there was a strong nutty taste and a lemony aftertaste to boot; it was difficult to discern much more than that.



Citrus fruit


We've described the flavours of this coffee using the vocabulary developed by World Coffee Research.