The Brunswick, Bloomsbury, WC1N 1AF

15 Dec 2016

1 x Beans @ 4.90 £ 4.90
Total £ 4.90

This is one of several blends of coffee we’ve tried from Union. Union claims to be a speciality coffee roastery, churning out “hand-roasted to order” coffee with a minimum quality score of 84 and above1. This one’s an 85, in fact.

This Gajah Mountain blend comes in a well-presented paper bag. Inside, the beans have a very dark roast, with a strong and pleasing aroma.

We’ve tried this blend as an espresso.

The result is a bitter, but not unpleasant taste, with hints of dark chocolate. The body is light and slick and the overall flavour is sharp and pointed.

At £4.90 a bag (in Waitrose), this is on the premium end of everyday home coffee, but it doesn’t disappoint. We’ve tried the blend in espresso, latte and Americano forms, and all taste more than good enough for a daily driver.

  1. That’s based on the Speciality Coffee Association of America’s scoring guidance. On this scale, 80 or above makes a high-quality, speciality coffee. 


Nutty / Cocoa


Dark chocolate

We've described the flavours of this coffee using the vocabulary developed by World Coffee Research.