Sainsbury's Local

175-179 Stroud Green Rd
London, N4 3PZ

12 Mar 2017

1 x Beans @ 3.50 £ 3.50
Total £ 3.50

Allegedly grown on the “rolling hills of the Andes”, these Taste the Difference coffee beans, from everyone’s favourite not quite middle-class enough for Waitrose supermarket claim to offer a “rich coffee with a sweet nutty flavour”.

You can easily spend a tonne of money on coffee beans, and these beans, whilst only £3.50, carry their weight against much pricier competition. Sure they aren’t the most flavoursome, or the most complex on the palette, but as your daily driver? They do just fine.

There isn’t much of a flavour here, and the body is comparatively watery compared with other espresso blends, but then this bean isn’t advertised as ideal for espresso. It’s perhaps better suited to a good Americano.

Unexciting, but dependable, this is a solid choice for those that don’t want frills, they just want something better than they can get from a jar.


Nutty / Cocoa



We've described the flavours of this coffee using the vocabulary developed by World Coffee Research.