The Espresso Room

23 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA

10 Feb 2017

1 x Beans @ 9.50 £ 9.50
Total £ 9.50

We picked up this coffee from the Espresso Room in WC2, London.

The espresso blend comes in a fairly austere package that makes some bold claims.

The Caravan Coffee Roasters claim this particular blend has a “complex chocolate body, rich praline sweetness, refreshing notes of blossom, honeysuckle, baking spice and apricot”. We could definitely taste the sweet and nutty flavours in this coffee which, as instructed on the bag, we tried in espresso form; but as for the rest we were left somewhat shruggy face.

The body was silky and smooth on the palette, but it certainly didn’t live up to the bold claims on the packaging, nor the hefty price tag.


Nutty / Cocoa



We've described the flavours of this coffee using the vocabulary developed by World Coffee Research.